Does Concrete Resurfacing Last?

Concrete Resurfacing is not like applying another layer of your grandfather’s concrete. Using today’s polymers that adhere to old concrete allows you relevant benefits, including saving you money, lessening waste, and providing contemporary looks. But how long does concrete resurfacing last? 


There are many reasons resurfacing concrete has become a popular choice in recent years. Finding a specialized and experienced specialty coating contractor is the secret to a lasting transformation; it’s a process that is not a DIY.


Can you resurface a heaved concrete slab?

In the same way, a buckled hardwood floor can be levelled and re-sealed, often, so too can your slightly broken or slightly heaved, concrete patio slab or concrete walkway be ground down and resurfaced. The damage must be minimal, and you must choose a polymer-infused product over another concrete resurface. 

Ontario Specialty Coatings has expert crews who use small and large diamond toothed grinders to grind off surfaces, enlarge fissures and divots, and open up your concrete to accept a bondable resurface. See our Concrete Grinding Specialty page.


Our experts first determine whether the buckling or heaving has, or can be, stopped. 

Heaving is always a combination of our climate’s freeze and thaw effect, and an external determinate like the growth of tree roots or a slight soil cave-in or wash-out.

Suppose it is damaged due to a void of soil and is no longer continuing its movement. In that case, our grinding and surface prep process will respond well to a resurfacing product, either a Natural Stone Coating or a Rubber Surfacing, both of which provide a non-slip surface although to varying degrees. You may find these articles helpful when deciding: 


A Rubber Surface is your perfect solution for your pool surround or playground area. 


A Natural Stone Coating reflects a genuinely natural experience when applied to a walkway or patio amid a garden or wherever this atmosphere is desired.


If the damage is from tree root growth or in the form of large cracks in the original concrete, your project will not be a candidate for resurfacing. The amount of work needed to stabilize the concrete doesn’t make financial sense for you to also resurface it, and resurfacing will not prevent tree root growth.



How do you fix a patio or walkway lifted by tree roots? 

Please consult a reputable arborist before considering drastic or environmentally-harmful solutions. Although you’ll see all and any solutions online, including cutting the roots or killing the roots with poison, today we know these solutions are, at best, temporary and at worst, extremely harmful to the living and crucial parts of your natural environment.


Tree root growth is a natural growth process that must be accommodated. Much must be considered if the damage to the concrete slab is from tree root growth. It may make perfect sense to: 

  • Use a built-up pathway of geo-grid fabric and gravel in these areas
  • Reroute the path completely
  • Remove soil from under the roots and gently move them downward
  • Allow a wooden boardwalk above the roots as a landscape variation
  • Shave the underside of the concrete slab
  • Lift all slabs to a height that allows the tree roots’ natural growth
  • Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) chemicals actually promote root growth; it is advised not to use this chemical product, but instead, opt for a natural solution.


How long does concrete resurfacing last?

As long as you choose correctly to resurface a concrete slab with little previous damage and proper edging, your newly resurfaced concrete should provide you with a further 7 -10 years of happiness.

A resurfacing layer is resilient to weather. Although unnoticeable to the eye, its relative malleability protects it from further freeze and thaw conditions. 

Any finish you choose provides a surface with a better grip; a Natural Stone Coating may benefit from a grip epoxy finish. A Rubber Surface is perfect for wet traffic areas, reduces injuries from falls, as well as helps to muffle noise.


Ontario Specialty Coatings is here to help you navigate your concrete refinishing project in any way you require, and we always enjoy speaking with you about your summertime outdoor ideas.

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