Epoxy Floor Prices – What Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage, Warehouse Floor, or Pool Surround in London, Ontario?

Epoxy is an affordable and durable floor option for commercial, industrial, heavy-duty flooring, and pool surrounds. Epoxy flooring prices are $7 – $11 a sq ft. depending on the job, and cost less than tiles or concrete resurfacing. There’s just one epoxy rule; it must go on top of a concrete floor.


Read ahead to our points of preparation work for every floor we are entrusted with resurfacing. Our project manager goes through all the steps with you so that you have a great understanding of our process and our in-house designer helps you choose the best colour and decorative finish for your project.


How long do commercial epoxy floors last?

It’s not unheard of for commercial epoxy floors to last 8 – 20 years. For the most part, your epoxy floor should be long-lasting except where the weight and type of vehicles that are driving on it may adversely affect it. 

  • Although the finest epoxy is extremely strong, wear-resistant, and mostly chemical resistant, certain chemicals can permeate its surface. Contact Ontario Specialty Coatings in London, Ontario and let us know which chemicals may be in contact with your floor. Ontario Specialty Coatings will make sure additives are used to promote chemical resistance. 
  • In an industrial setting, scratches and scuffs should be expected. We are also happy to touch up any accidents.
  • We ensure a final topcoat sealer is added to protect epoxy coatings from wear. 
  • We pour our epoxy floors 2 – 3mm thick.
  • See our Epoxy Page and click on each of the three finish options to see the colours available.


Are epoxy floors eco-friendly?

Like all man-made chemicals in their liquid forms, the liquid epoxy is dangerous to our world’s water systems and animal life. When cured, epoxy is completely inert and safe for all opportunistic dogs at a backyard BBQ. 


Why prep work is key to long-lasting epoxy floors:

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  • Most of our preparation work takes place with the base concrete floor, filling large voids and small cracks.
  • We protect your adjoining floors, baseboards and, if required, walls.
  • We grind the floor and completely vacuum.
  • We mix your colour and apply the first coat to the entire surface.
  • Additives are applied to the topcoat to achieve your desired finish; anti-slip, anti-static, chemical and stain resistance, gloss reduction, or incorporated design. UV resilience and waterproofing are benefits of our topcoats.


Compare floor coatings – epoxy vs concrete resurfacing

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