How do You Refresh an Old Concrete Patio?

You actually can resurface an existing worn concrete patio or walkway. In the London, Hamilton, and Kitchener, Ontario areas, for a modest investment, you can refresh your patio or porch project with a chic resurfaced stone coating, contemporary rubber surface, or upgraded concrete. 


When your old patio or porch is damaged with cracks and cavities, a colourful new rug cannot make it look as fantastic as you really want it to be but there are several ways we can refresh a tired cement or concrete surface for you. 


Everyone’s idea of a refresh is different. Some of us wouldn’t want the same haircut or a newer version of the same clothes. But some of us find comfort in the familiar and may love a new and slightly updated version of that old favourite sweatshirt. So, we install something for everyone.


Ontario Specialty Coatings offers three very different concrete resurfacing options to fit your refresh-taste and design:

1) A stylish Natural Stone Coating

Natural Stone Coating - Ontario Specialty Coatings

2) A contemporary and safety-minded Rubber Surface

Two colours of rubber surfacing for pool surround. Ontario Specialty Coatings

3) A refreshed Concrete Resurfacing with optional safety-minded surface 

Resurfaced Concrete - Ontario Specialty Coatings

All of the above resurfacing solutions are outdoor-approved. Refresh your concrete patio, porch, pool deck, walkway, driveway, yard pathways, playground area, or carports.


1) A stylish Natural Stone Coating: 

There isn’t much that looks more beautiful and fits more authentically into any outdoor space than a natural stone coating. We make it more worry and maintenance-free for you by adding our epoxy-based binder. Your property’s natural pathways are elegantly enhanced and at the same time, impervious to nature’s effects. Please see your many colour combinations. 

Come by and talk to Madison or our other friendly staff members to see lots of stone ideas. 


2) A contemporary and safety-minded Rubber Surfacing:

For a more modern look, rubber surfacing provides much value for your investment. We regularly provide installations of two colours. A second colour option looks great around a pool surround or highlighting the edges of your patio or porch, even providing a segue to a different coloured pathway.

Safety, especially outdoors, makes rubber surfacing a top choice for many people. Too, we have numerous colour combinations. 

It is a good idea to have as true to actual colour photos of your home, fencing, and adjacent structures or walkways with you when you visit our store so you can better know your colour choices. 

Read more about our rubber surfacing in our article, ‘Low vs High Quality Poured Rubber Surfacing’


3) A refreshed Concrete Resurfacing with the optional safety-minded surface:

If you live in the Hamilton, London, or Kitchener areas, as concrete resurfacing specialists, Ontario Specialty Coatings has resurfaced many a patio, walkway, porch, and pool surround. Our process is always the same for refreshing your concrete. We grind down the surface, exposing any fissures and cavities, add a mix of epoxy and cement combination, and finally refinish the surface adding a sand broadcast to ensure safe walking. 


Each of our concrete resurfacing options is easy on your pocketbook, kind to the environment, and does not wreak havoc on your surrounding outdoor spaces.



For indoor-only projects like garages and gyms, Ontario Specialty Coatings adds to our offerings with beautiful epoxy coatings, installed by us or with our professional DIY products on our SHOP page.



We are here to help you navigate your concrete refinishing project in any way you require and always look forward to speaking with you about your summertime outdoor ideas.

Please be inspired by our gallery of work.