How long do various specialty floor coatings last? 

So, you’ve decided you love the look of a (fill in the blank) floor coating. You are probably wondering if concrete, rubber, stone, and epoxy floor surfaces wear equally well? Given how much we all love a good refresh, any floor/surface coating will easily outlive your 10-year itch to switch it up. 


If you’ve come this far, you’re already familiar with the likely suspects for your desired application: 


  • Oh, the things one can do with an existing indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Retain an existing concrete floor and give it new life with professional polishing or tear into the top surface with concrete grinding. This has a double function, its first being the necessary preparation for a subsequent epoxy surfacing. However, concrete grinding, followed by polishing, also produces the beautiful modern terrazzo equivalent. Get inspired.
  • Rubber surfacing is the best choice for an outdoor (pool surround or playground area) or indoor (think gym) surface that is slip-resistant and fall/impact-safe. 
  • A natural stone coating lives beautifully outdoors as a path, entryway, porch, or patio. It is also pleasant as a juxtapositional accent near an epoxied or plain concrete outdoor surface.
  • An epoxy surface/floor coating is as at home outdoors as indoors and is the shining star of resurfacing. Its only prerequisite is its required application over an existing, stable concrete base. 

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“Any floor/surface coating will easily outlive your 10-year itch to switch it up.” – That is, as long as the subsurface is optimal and the application is top-notch. 



Regular reapplications of topcoat sealers add longevity to any surfacing and protect your colours from UV fading.

You might think a concrete surface is the most impervious to failure and lasts the longest, but many cracked, broken, and flaking concrete surfaces prove otherwise. 

All but a rubber surfacing application requires an existing concrete base. Ontario Specialty Coatings determines the quality of your concrete base before quoting. Because concrete grinding is part of our repertoire, we are often able to repair the concrete, fill cracks, and level it to accept a coating properly. Read more about the preparation of a concrete surface.



Every resurfacing or coating service relies on polymers that adhere the product to itself and the concrete base surface. 

It is these polymers and topcoats that make these surfacing applications so resilient.


Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete polishing and concrete grinding benefit from polymer levellers and epoxy topcoats that make the longevity of concrete resurfacing equal to the other coatings. 

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Rubber Surfacing

Poured in Place (PIP) rubber surfacing has changed how children interact on the playground, providing them with a wheelchair-accessible, fall/impact-friendly surface. Its expected lifetime is 10 -15 years, and it can be easily renewed with the reapplications of a top coat sealer.

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Natural Stone Coating

A natural stone coating is made of various coloured pebbles in a polymer bed. Choose from families of colours to enhance your existing exterior tones.

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Epoxy Flooring/Resurfacing

Epoxy has its roots in the chemical-resistant industry and artists’ world. It is perfect for industrial applications and interior design alike.

We know epoxy is an application that some people like to try on their own, so we sell DIY kits for you, the adventurous and professional applicators alike. 

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