How Long Does Rubber Pool Decking Last?

Rubber surfacing is not only a fresh, contemporary pool deck choice; it is slip-resistant and long-lasting. Properly prepared, with concrete as the base, rubber pool decks last about 10 years and are almost maintenance-free. Those benefits and more have created many fans of versatile rubber surfacing.


Your rubber pool deck will last even beyond 10 years with a rubber surfacing reapplication after 5 – 6 years.



To what can Rubber Surfacing be applied?

Any surface that is organic as long as it is stable. Read our article, Can a Rubber Coating Go On Top of Any Surface?


A rubber surface is perfect for:

  • Pickleball court
  • Play areas
  • Balcony
  • Walkway
  • Pool decking
  • Patio
  • Porch
  • Gyms
  • Garage floors
  • Golf paths


Ontario Specialty Coatings is a rubber surface installer in London, Ontario and the surrounding areas. Since 2015 we have professionally installed specialized surface coatings for residential and commercial clients.


10 best benefits of rubber pool decking

  • Cost-efficiency.
  • Fast installation.
  • A slip-resistant surface.
  • Impact-absorbing product.
  • Sound-absorbing rubber.
  • Contemporary colours and inlaid designs and logos can be incorporated.
  • No-crack surface.
  • Resilient and low-maintenance.
  • Unified look for adjacent walkways, play areas, and patios.
  • Rubber surfacing is the perfect surface for your at-home Pickleball court.




A long-lived and low maintenance rubber surface is a money-saving and stress-free choice for many applications inside and out. It requires low-cost resealing to protect it from Ultra Violet (UV) rays every two years.


Fast installation.

Ontario Specialty Coatings prepares your existing concrete base first, which may include grinding if the surface is flaking. After a thorough cleaning the rubber surface is installed, sometimes in as little as two days. 


A slip-resistant surface.

It provides a sturdy yet soft surface, perfect for excited children or unsteady adults around a pool. Even when wet, rubber surfacing is slip-resistant. Injuries from a fall or collision are greatly reduced.


Impact-absorbing product.

Once you’ve had a cushiony, contemporary, and elegant rubber surface installed by professionals, you’ll never want to go back to dense and hard-surfaced decking.


Sound-absorbing rubber.

Lounging in an outdoor area that’s quieter than your old noise-bouncing concrete makes you feel like you’re at a retreat. 


Contemporary colours 

Stylish and versatile, you can choose from one solid tone to three-colour combinations. You might even love to install a logo, family crest, or unique inlaid design around your pool decking edge. See some of our rubber surface colours, and keep in mind we’re happy to provide custom mixes for your project. 


No-crack surface.

Rubber properties include an ability to expand, which means your rubber surface pool deck flexes with small developing cracks in the concrete surface below. No cracks are transferred from the sub-surface concrete.


Resilient and low-maintenance.

Rubber surface maintenance is easy, fast, and almost non-existent. Rubber surfaces are durable and resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) rays. It cleans easily with soap and water. 


Additional unified look for adjacent walkways, play areas, and patios.

Your pool deck isn’t the only area that will benefit from a new and versatile rubber surface. Add a beautiful walkway, patio area, or a designated play area.


Rubber surfacing is perfect for your at-home Pickleball court.


Outdoor pickleball loves a rubber surface. Easy on the players’ joints, their footwear, and the balls used in the game. Concrete will be hard on your footwear and chip the balls.


When considering a rubber surface, think about its purpose and who will be using it. There is DIY rubber surfacing; however, as with everything, the highest quality products and installation will last longer and remain fresher looking.