What is an Outdoor Natural Stone Coating?

A natural stone coating is a professionally applied composite coating mainly used for outdoor applications. Its usage of actual granite with natural colour options, its solid form, slip resistance, and rich look has made a Natural Stone Coating one of the most popular choices for covering old concrete.



Although it sounds slightly confusing, natural stone is simply the term used to describe a (usually) outdoor coating that incorporates stone pebbles held closely together using a weatherproof polymer. Its solid form is durable, and the elasticity of the polymer keeps your natural stone coating from cracking in freezing temperatures making it a perfect outdoor coating in our northern climate.

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What is the Application Process?


Surface preparation is the key to a long-lasting coating. A Natural Stone Coating is applied professionally over old or damaged concrete, so time must be spent prepping its surface.

Grinding areas that have lifted due to frost and allowing for any additional frost-lifting movement are often required. As a professional concrete grinding company, we know this is a temporarily dusty job. 

Your project manager discusses this aspect with you, and together you may decide to help cover nearby and down-wind landscaping. We do our best to protect your shrubs, plants, and furniture, although there may be some plants of extreme delicacy that you are more aware of and feel more comfortable covering.

Once we install the Natural Stone Coating in the colour of your choice, 2 – 4 days are recommended to allow complete curing. After it is cured, we can apply a sealer application if you choose.



The likelihood of staining occurring to your patio, porch, walkway, or outdoor area is something you’ll know best. 


A sealer application (sometimes called an enhancer) is an option if your areas see heavy use. How well do sealers work?

  • A clear sealer helps keep stains and dirt at the uppermost level of the natural stone coating, making it easier to clean.
  • Sealing your new patio provides a protective barrier that also keeps the partially polished pebbles looking fresh longer. 
  • Over time, stone being somewhat porous may take on a discoloured look from accidental stains. 
  • A sealer will slightly darken the look of your natural stone, pebbled coating.



Beautiful colours are available to tie together the look of your outdoor area. 


See all of our colours on our Ontario Specialty Coatings, Stone Coating page.

Basic colour palettes include: 

  • Grey Blend 
  • Roan River 
  • Sunset 

Two colour blends include:

  • Coral Ebony 
  • Coral Multi Flint
  • Coral Sunset


Is the polymer product harmful to the environment?


After the polymer has hardened, there are no components that slough off. It remains a hardened product.

Like every plastic derivative used for various household, commercial, and industrial products, the polymer is made with chemicals that would be harmful in a liquid state to our water sources and animals. Through environmental awareness and guideline adherence, manufacturers and governments continue to improve the make-up of these products. 

Ontario Specialty Coatings hardens any unused product, and then we dispose of it following our Canadian government guidelines.


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