Rubber Paving is Another Name For Outdoor and Indoor Rubber Surfacing Applications

These are just a few benefits you’ll appreciate when you choose a rubber paving/rubber surfacing for your project:

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Eco-friendly

  • Shock absorbent

  • Sound absorbent

  • Slip-resistant

  • Ergonomical for long periods of standing

  • UV stable 

  • Fall-height required surfacing 

  • Creatively inspirational




Top commercial and residential applications for rubber paving/rubber surfacing:

1) Wheelchair accessible exterior allocations for rubber surfacing/ rubber paving:

  • Apartment, residential, retirement home, and long-term care facility walkways, balconies, terraces, steps, and access ramps
  • Nature walkways


2) Long-term care and health-care facilities indoor allocations for rubber surfacing/rubber paving:

Rubber surfacing is perfect for areas that must be kept germ free and assists ergonomically for people on their feet all day.

  • Vestibules and stairs
  • Shower areas
  • Change rooms
  • Wherever people are standing for long periods


3) Indoor activity allocations for rubber surfacing/ rubber paving:

  • Gyms
  • Athletic change rooms
  • Indoor pool surrounds


4) Outdoor activity allocations for rubber surfacing/ rubber paving:

  • Playgrounds
  • Pickleball courts
  • Poolside decking
  • Change rooms
  • Running tracks
  • Water splash pads
  • Golf cart pathways 
  • Patios
  • Garage floors
  • Porches and entry stairs
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Residential walkways and pathways
  • Vacation rental slip susceptible areas


Stylish rubber paving or rubber surfacing sets a purposeful tone for your home or commercial facility: 

Rubber paving has so much design potential; many colours exist to match your home or commercial location, and creative inlays for commercial instances or residential applications allow your style aesthetic to shine. Corporate logos and design inlays, professionally installed, look fantastic in rubber.

Increase the value of your home and add great curb appeal.


Shock absorption and enhanced safety are the main reasons to choose rubber surfacing:

Minimizing injuries and concerns about slipping means more fun and less stress for everyone. It is a safety advantage for users and visitors whether you have an indoor gym, commercial gym, or a pool. 

It can be made waterproof when a membrane component is added.

Using rubber surfacing at your rental property’s entryways and patios is a great promotional safety feature. Hazardous sharp edges can be moulded and softened, making it safe for running and excited children. Dropped objects are less likely to break.


Chemical additive concerns for humans, animals, and the environment have been studied: 

Governments and universities have studied chemical additives. The results are well documented to show no negative effects in the added chemicals and rubber in a cured state. As with many chemicals, when in their liquid state, if allowed to enter our waterways, indeed causes harm.

Read Ontario Specialty Coatings’ informative article concerning Chemical Additives in Poured Rubber Surfacing. 

Ontario Specialty Coatings only mixes what product is needed for your project to ensure there is no product waste. If too much is mixed by accident, the leftover product is allowed to harden, and no health risks are associated.

As an aside, allow your wall and house paint to harden and throw away your paint rollers where they become inert. Do not let the plastic chemicals enter our waterways where it causes much damage to fish and wildlife and humans who rely on our lakes for drinking water.


Low and only occasional maintenance is required:

Rubber paving or rubber surfacing is very durable, and repairs are few because of its tensile strength. If maintenance is required, it is relatively easy to do.

An additional topcoat application protects the colours from Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

Rubber paving/rubber surfacing is easy to clean with a power washer. 

The rubber surfacing layers are held together with pliable binding agents, a physical trait that makes it impervious to our winters’ freeze and thaws.


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