What Kind of Floor Coating Should We Use?

Does your space have a concrete floor base? Concrete coating options are attractive and long-lasting. They are designed to protect the underlying concrete and, in many cases, add a design aesthetic to the room or facility. You can define walking or usage areas depending on your coating application.


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There was a time when there were no options beyond replacing a damaged or tired concrete floor with another concrete floor. 

Darren of Ontario Specialty Coatings and Ontario Pool Coatings knew there was a demand for more alternatives for coating concrete. He set about creating a top-quality team of installers and finding a great administration leader to ensure they exceed customers’ expectations.


Some of the most common concrete floor coatings are:

  • Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Concrete Resurfacing
  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing
  • Rubber Surfacing


These rugged and durable surfaces are perfect for many uses, including:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial settings
  • Retail
  • Change rooms
  • Long-term care and health-care areas that are susceptible to wet and slippery floors
  • Ramps
  • Garage floors
  • Outdoor patios
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool decking
  • Gyms
  • Pickleball courts
  • Rental Properties


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


Epoxy Floor Coating:

Because of epoxy’s resistant chemical hardening process, great colour options, and other advantages, it is the most popular concrete surfacing application. Without properly preparing the underlying concrete, your epoxy floor may need to be re-applied. 


  • Less expensive than concrete resurfacing
  • Withstands heavy vehicles
  • Easy to clean
  • Additive layers make an epoxy floor static electricity repellant
  • Fabulous colours for contemporary interiors


  • Application of epoxy is difficult 
  • Surface preparation of blast tracking of the concrete must eliminate grease, oils or solvents
  • Cure time is 6 – 7 days



Concrete Resurfacing:

Ontario Specialty Coatings applies a slurry of concrete and a plastic top coat to provide a surface that can be stained or stamped. Read our article, Does Concrete Resurfacing Last?


  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Strong polymers adhere to old concrete
  • It withstands a lot of weight, the same as concrete
  • Your new resurfaced concrete floor can be coloured, stained, and stamped
  • Long-lasting


  • If extending the life of your concrete floor or outdoor slab is your goal, we can’t think of any disadvantages to your decision
  • The concrete floor may require preliminary repair



Concrete Grinding and Polishing:

A contemporary terrazzo look is created by grinding the existing concrete to your depth choice to expose the aggregate level that suits your project’s face. A finished polish is applied, and finally, a plastic protective topcoat.



  • The concrete floor may require preliminary repair



Rubber Surfacing – RubberStone

Rubber surfacing is perfect for spaces that may benefit from sound absorbency and slip resistance, like an apartment, condominium, or retirement home common areas, balconies, steps, and access ramps. Rubber surfacing is perfect for nature walkways,  indoor and outdoor pool decking, patios, and playgrounds. 

Areas that must be kept germ free lend themselves to rubber surfacings like change rooms, gyms, and shower areas.


  • Non-slip even when wet
  • Fall resistant
  • Ergonomical for long periods of  standing
  • Meets fall-height requirements 
  • Durable
  • Sound absorbent
  • Aesthetic colouring


  • In their liquid state, chemical additives harm our waterways and aquatic life. For that reason, Ontario Specialty Coating follows our province’s strict guidelines to ensure there is no product waste and the liquids are controlled, contained, and allowed to solidify before disposal. This means no health risks are present.




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