Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Ontario Specialty Coatings has both small and large scale equipment that is necessary for concrete preparation and concrete restoration in both residential and commercial settings. We use diamond grinders to provide the ideal substrate for epoxy coatings and other finishes including tile. Diamond grinding not only can be used to removed old paint, epoxies, glue and/or cement mortar but it removes contaminants from the surface it will open up the concrete and provide a clean profile for bonding to. 

As far as cosmetics, diamond grinding can be used to level and smooth out concrete. While grinding concrete irregularities can be rectified including but not limited to concrete pitting, divots and/or rough concrete.

Ontario Specialty Coatings also has all the large scale vacuums and generators necessary to provide a problem free, safe work environment.

Once the concrete has been grinded Ontario Specialty Coatings offers many services for finishing the concrete including concrete polishing and many epoxy coatings.

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