Sierra Stone is a great product to be used on both new and old concrete surfaces. If your outdoor space is in need of a face-lift, this product will bring a beautiful upscale look to any surface, as well as smooth over any pre existing damage from life’s natural wear and tear. resurfacing


London, ON

'Cover Your Ugly Concrete'

Rubber Stone is manufactured using high quality recycled EPDM rubber with a polyurethane-binding agent, making it eco friendly as well as providing a long lasting finish. This product can be used on many different surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and tile. resurfacing

We have a solution for all of your concrete resurfacing needs!

EnduraFlake is highly durable, and is designed for indoor floor coatings, adding a great accent to any room with a modern decorative finish. This product has a glossy smooth finish, and is offered in single colours, or can be customized in a  two or three-toned colour combination. concrete resurfacing