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If you are looking to improve the look of your space, as well as the safety to those using the space, then Rubber Stone is the right choice for you. Ontario Speciality Coatings offers this versatile coating to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Rubber Stone is commonly used indoors in a home gym or laundry room, as well as outdoors on a patio or pool deck.

Similar to Sierra Stone, this product can be used on new or old surfaces, and is extremely durable to all weather conditions, weather it be the extreme heat of the summer, or the unbearable cold of the winter.

Rubber Stone is manufactured using high quality EPDM rubber with a polyurethane-binding agent, making it eco friendly as well as providing a long lasting finish.

This product can be used on many different surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and tile. Rubber stone can be installed in a variety of different places including your porch, patio, pool deck, as well as indoors in your home gym!

With your choice of single, two-toned, or three-toned colour blends, we are guaranteed to find the right colour combination and style to match any space in your home. These colours can be customized to create your own colour combination and different colour ratios. 

Ontario Speciality Coatings is proud to offer Rubber Stone to both all residential and commercial customers in London, ON and surrounding areas. Please contact us today to get your free quotation! resurfacing concrete resurfacing

The below samples are our most popular two-colour and three-colour blends. Rubber Stone is available as a single-colour, two-colour blend or a three-colour blend.
Contact Ontario Speciality Coatings to view more samples and colour options to find the perfect colour for your home. 

Standard Grey / Blue / Cream 

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Dark Brown / Black

Brown / Beige / Cream 

Brown / Cream / Black

Dark Brown / Light Brown / Beige

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