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The below samples are single-colour blends. Sierra Stone is available as a single-colour blend or a two-colour blend. 

Contact Ontario Speciality Coatings to view more samples and colour options to find the perfect colour for your home. 

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Ontario Specialty Coatings is proud to offer Sierra Stone, a product that has stood the test of time. Sierra Stone is a great product to be used on both new and old concrete surfaces. If your outdoor space is in need of a face-lift, this product will bring a beautiful upscale look to any surface, as well as smooth over any pre existing damage from life’s natural wear and tear.  

Not only does Sierra Stone bring a luxurious decorative element to your indoor or outdoor space, it has been proven to withstand even the harshest of winter weather. The industrial grade epoxy will give the coating a glossy finish, and is extremely durable to all weather conditions.

Some of the many benefits of Sierra Stone include ease of maintenance, elevated curb appeal, long lasting and durability, as well as its affordability in comparison to installing brand new concrete.

Sierra Stone can be installed horizontally on your floors, or be installed vertically as an accent wall. Our range of single colours, and two-toned colour blends will be sure to fit the individual design and style needs of your space.

Ontario Speciality Coatings is proud to offer Sierra Stone to all our residential and commercial customers in London, ON and surrounding areas. Please contact us today to get your free quotation!

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